Stavanger Forum is proud to have an in-house production department that holds expertise in exhibition and conference technology.

We are proud to have an in-house production department that works largely with the technical aspects of exhibitions and conferences. The technical equipment in our conference centre is continuously updated, and we have a number of professional sub-contractors as our partners.This allows us to deliver the most up-to-date technological equipment for conferences and exhibitions, in line with your specifications.

We can assist in designing exhibition, conference and banquet layouts in AutoCad, and will be more than happy to quote on providing technical support for such events. Our production department will also give advice and guidance on selecting the technical equipment to meet your requirements.

Please contact our team if you need more information/for enquiries.

Technical equipment for hire

Stavanger Forum can also supply technical exhibition equipment and out-of-house support. Some of the items we can offer are listed below. For further information and prices, please contact our team.

Stand partitions/Foga wall systems:

  • Stand and exhibition system.
  • Wall system with endless opportunities.
  • Height 250 cm, width 100 cm.
  • We currently have 2500 running metres of standard walls, as well as a great deal of additional equipment.
  • Can be supplied with or without installation.

Modular stage:

  • Built up from modular sections available in two sizes: 1x2 m and 1x3 m.
  • A total of 220 m2 of such sections are available for hire.
  • Load-bearing capacity of 700 kg per square metre.
  • Height of stage sections: 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 cm.
  • Each section comprises an aluminium frame and 21-millimetre plastic-coated plywood boarding.
  • We also supply carpeting for the stage and a black skirt.
  • Can be supplied with or without installation.

Parquet flooring, suitable for dancing, etc:

  • Each section measures 1x1 m.
  • Can be assembled into larger areas.
  • We currently have 100 m2 of floor sections available for hire.
  • Supplied with installation.

Various other products:

  • Flagposts.
  • Fire-fighting equipment.
  • Fire-fighting signs.
  • Fire extinguisher stands.
  • Simultaneous interpretation booths, etc.