We care!

Eco Beacon

Stavanger Forum is environmentally certified and has been recognised as an Eco beacon.  To retain this status we must show that we have an environmentally responsible attitude in areas such as recycling, energy consumption, transportation, purchasing and aesthetics.  We call on customers, sub contractors and the public to show consideration and help us retain our right to Exo-beacon status. Travel to our venue by train or bus, walk or cycle, and use Stavanger’s good system for waste sorting and recycling.


ICCA Scandinavian Sustainable Meetings Accord

In the spirit of collaboration of leadership and in recognition of the clear and present benefits and returns of sustainable business practices we, member organizations of the ICCA Scandinavian Chapter agree to work together to create a Scandinavian Sustainable Meetings Region.

We therefore commit to taking action together to advance sustainable practices within the meetings and events industry by

1.    Publicly declaring participation in the Scandinavian Sustainable Meetings Accord and using our personal and business networks to encourage member organisations to sign this Accord.

2.    Engaging our clients, partners and other interested parties in dialogue about economic, environmental and social sustainability for our industry.

3.    Educating interested parties, sharing knowledge in sustainable business practices and recognizing ICCA members for their best practice and efforts in sustainable business.

4.    Encouraging and supporting private-public collaboration with other destinations to share Scandinavian best practices and solutions and, in turn, to learn from others.

5.    Providing resources to planners to identify responsible, sustainable and certified suppliers in our community in order to help planners create more sustainable events.

6.    Advocating efficient, equitable and more sustainable use of resources.

7.    Facilitating the increased use of environmentally friendly transport through better communication with visitors and collaboration with transport providers.

8.    Calculating the CO2 footprint of a defined Scandinavian meetings industry and aiming to reduce this by 20% by 2020.

9.    Upholding the highest standards of honesty and fairness and thus maintaining a society with integrity and strong ethical standards.

10. Giving back to the community by proactively creating links between the meetings industry and social responsibility initiatives.


To these above commitments, we dedicate leadership focus and attention so that the meetings industry we represent will be more sustainable.